Welcome to Horsham Skeptics.

Dates of events vary, but are usually held monthly, the new venue for Horsham Skeptics in the Pub is the Anchor Hotel, 3 Market Square Horsham. 

SitP Horsham is here to provide the people of Horsham and beyond with experts who like to talk about a huge variety of subjects, including science, the paranormal, journalism, history, gender issues, religion, astronomy, linguistics, hypnosis, maths, climate change - any subject really. Afterwards we ask questions, hear the answers and meet other people who like to do the same.

(We suggest a minimum donation of £3 from audience members to cover speaker expenses). 

If you're local to Horsham, you might fancy going along to the other relatively nearby SitP groups in Guildford, Worthing, Eastbourne, Lewes, Brighton, Kingston and Tunbridge Wells - you'll find links to them and all the other Skeptics in the Pubs across the country at the bottom of this page.

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